Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Master Steward Workshop

I have been busy this week getting ready for the Master Steward Training Workshop that will take place this weekend. It is an exciting time for the Muskoka Stewardship Program!

The Master Stewards are Muskokans who have volunteered to conduct site visits where they will work with landowners to protect the natural values of their properties. This could mean advising them about topics such as building a trail through your forest, attracting wildlife to your forest or garden, discouraging other wildlife from visiting, caring for your wetland ecosystem, harvesting wood from your woodlot in sustainable ways, and much more.

This weekend, the Master Stewards will be participating in 2 days of training so they are better prepared to help you with the projects you are interested in on your property. At these site visits they will have knowledge, information, and resources to share.

{let's keep Muskoka looking natural}

From the property visit, we will write a summary report of your property and give it to you so you are better equipped to begin and continue with stewardship activities. We will also give you resources that will help you with your projects. Lots of those resources can be found on this blog in the 'Stewardship Resources' section.

The Muskoka Stewardship Program aims to improve the ecological integrity of Muskoka's private lands. If your property is in Muskoka, rural, and larger than 5 acres, you qualify to have a Master Steward come out and visit your property. This visit is voluntary, non-regulatory and free.

The Stewardship Program is unique in that it encourages neighbours to help neighbours and empowers local volunteers to engage in their community. The Muskoka Stewardship program exists to encourage private land stewardship. We want to help you get to know your land better! Contact us to become a participant in the program.

Check back next week for highlights from the workshop!

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