Thursday, August 19, 2010

A beautiful beaver pond

I wanted to continue with the post from last week and show you some pictures from a recent Stewardship Program visit. These landowners are enthusiastic about what they are learing from the active beavers on their property.

Added benefit of letting nature do its' thing: a lot of other wildlife that uses this area! The owners love sitting in the gazebo by the pond at dusk watching all the activities. They are inspired by watching the pond and the wildlife it attracts. They have seen deer being chased by coyotes then seen the coyotes playing at the side of the property. In the winter their observations include a moose and her calf on the pond.

It just goes to show the different approaches that can be taken on different properties. A perceived problem can actually be a fantastic learning opportunity- and it is beautiful!

How do you enjoy watching fauna on your property?

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