Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pollution. It's in you.

Pollution. It's in you.

Pollution. It's in you.

That's the tag line for the Environmental Defence campaign "Toxic Nation"

Pollution is not just a cloud of chemicals spewing from car exhausts or the nearby industrial plant. It is also found in our bodies. It comes from the air, soil, food, and the products we use. The list is long- and scary. (Another list here)

The Toxic Nation campaign strives to change policies to minimize these pollutants, conduct studies to expose the risks of these pollutants to Canadians and put together resources to help Canadians make more informed, healthy choices about the products we use- from shampoo to curtains, to pj's.

Did you know?

Major gaps in public health laws allow cosmetics companies to use almost any ingredient they choose in everything from sunscreen and mascara to deodorant and baby shampoo, with no restrictions and no requirement for safety testing.

Alternative: The U.S.-based Environmental Working Group has created the Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database. This database allows you to search almost any makeup, skin, hair, eye, nails, baby, oral care, sun protection, and other products to see what their ingredients are and how toxic they are. It rates them on a scale of 0-10 (o is good!). One warning: some companies have different ingredients in the American and Canadian versions of their products- so be sure to double check the labels at the store!

Did you know?

A large and growing body of scientific research links exposure to toxic chemicals to many ailments that plague people, including several forms of cancer,reproductive problems and birth defects, respiratory illnesses such as asthma and neuro-developmental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

So what can you do?

Some of the most serious toxins in our lives come from hidden ingredients in the everyday consumer products found in our homes. The good news is that there are simple steps we can all take to reduce our exposure.

Ten Ways to Detoxify Your Home

(more details on each recommendation by clicking here)
Recommendations from the authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck

  1. Reduce non-stick products and stain repellents
  2. Cut PVC plastic and fragrances
  3. Eliminate Flame retardants in fabrics
  4. Don’t use hard plastic containers
  5. Eat Organic food
  6. Have some fish in moderation
  7. Stop using antibacterial products
  8. Use natural household cleaning products
  9. Call the companies
  10. Express your concerns to your MP & MPP

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