Monday, December 27, 2010

Stewardship Trivia

Happy Holidays!
A little stewardship trivia as you gather with family and friends this season.

Can you spot the super canopy tree in this picture? 

What is a super canopy tree?

It’s a living tree (usually a conifer) that is taller than the rest of the trees around it and sticks above the canopy.

Tall white and red pines and other conifers often tower above the canopy to form the super canopy layer. They provide nesting and resting places for birds, refuges for young bear cubs escaping predators and landmarks for songbirds. The ability of these individual super canopy trees to grow taller than the rest often indicates a higher quality seed. These trees are good to keep around for habitat reasons as well as growing more healthy trees. 

Do you have a super canopy tree on your woodlot?

Read this Extension Note for how to manage for them

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