Monday, December 20, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

Let's hope for a clear night!
It's the winter solstice tonight and mother nature has a couple of bonuses in store!
Bundle up and head outside to catch a glimpse of the total lunar eclipse!
In Muskoka, it will happen early Tuesday morning around 1:45am. The moon should look entirely red an hour or so later.
No equipment needed; clear skies pending, it will be visible with the naked eye.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is exactly in line between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun's light from bouncing off the moon.

An added bonus: A minor meteor shower could send a few shooting stars across the sky during the height of the moon cover!

Want to know more?
Read this Toronto Star Article

Interested in the science?
Check our this site dedicated to Lunar Eclipses for Beginners

Come back tomorrow and let me know what you saw!
Leave a comment or
email me a photo and I'll post it to the blog.
Happy gazing!

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