Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baysville Horticultural Society

Baysville Horticultural Society gets a sneak peek at the Species at Risk booklet!

I presented to the lovely folks at the Baysville Horticultural Society last week. I spoke with them about land trust properties near Baysville, native species in the area, the importance of shoreline re-naturalization, the Well Aware program, and of course, the stewardship program.

I also spoke with them about the upcoming publication of the MHF’s Stewards’ Guide series, which will include the topics of Species at Risk in Parry Sound-Muskoka, Forest Management Options, Shoreline, Wetlands, and Trail Building. I had just received the proof from the printer for the Species at Risk booklet so they got to have a peek at what's to come! The Species at Risk booklet will be available at the MHF office in March and on the website soon!

Tyler, MHF Communications Intern, came along to help me sell tea towels and promote MHF programs.

The folks at Baysville Horticultural Society were a very engaged, interested audience who asked great questions and were enthusiastic about stewardship. Thank you!

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